One ton of carbon offset - Simply add to cart, increase quantity, match your carbon footprint

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We've teamed up with licensed hemp farmers in County Wicklow to offer this unique and rewarding purchase. When you've calculated your carbon footprint, just add a ton to your basket, then increase the quantity to what you need, as you pass through our easy, secure checkout. The world average carbon footprint is 5 tons.

Transparent pricing! You can contribute towards the cost of planting hemp, at the official CO2 offset rate of €27/ton. You're capturing the value of the carbon offset. The grower receives 80% of what you pay, half upfront, half when the crop is harvested.

The offset from each acre (0.4 ha) is sold once only, so our inventory is limited. We will work closely with the grower to ensure the crop is monitored and measured, and the data will be used to scale our operations. We'll be in touch to send you a certificate to display with pride, plus digital assets for your social media channels. You will be kept up-to-date on your crop's progress throughout the growing season, and our newsletter will let you meet our growers, stay up to speed on our XPRIZE CARBON REMOVAL project, of which you are now part!

Also makes a fabulous gift, just tell us the recipient's address for delivery and we'll send the certificate to them! We'll be in touch after you complete your order, or you can email after you check out.

You can buy as many tons as you like, to cover all members of your family, to offset business activities, or to go carbon neutral or carbon negative.